In my life I have had many example of people that have blamed others for outcome of a situations.  One group are parents who blame others for their shortcoming and another group are parents that blame themselves, where as either case doesn't help the situation.  Both cases make us believe we are the victims.  As a mother I want to learn to stop blaming others.  Easy to blame my partents or teachers, neighbors, or boyfriends.  But I would only do that if I live in the stae of mind that I should regret every mistake or choices.  I rather just live as if life is a collections of mistakes that give me grey hair that represents my wisdom.  Why regret, why hide, why lie and blame someone else for my shortcomings.  I have made mistakes and like many children have disappointed my parents and made my own choice.  They disagreed but I have a vision.  I had a dream, and sometimes our dreams aren't the same as our parents.  sometimes parents want their kids to become doctorss, so they have something to brag about.  sometimes they want their children to marry rich again to be able to brag. 
This is when I realised I do as my intuitions guides, the little voice within.  We raise out children to listen to us, trust us, make our dicision not their own, cause we know better.    And that is exactly when we start brainwashing and letting them know to not trust their own intuition.  This is a great gift we've been.  that little voice within.  let them bloom and guide them.  Don't force them to do anything, just be there for them.
much love

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